How Som Saa is uplifting this farming community in Myanmar

How Som Saa is uplifting this farming community in Myanmar

Why the sustainable rice industry matters.

Think back to the last time you had rice. Did this thought cross your mind:

"Hey, I wonder if I can eat rice and make a positive impact at the same time?" 

Chances are, it didn't. And that's not on you.

The rice industry is one that is often overlooked when talking about sustainability. However, it's social and environmental impacts are not to be taken lightly as global rice production contributes to 1.5% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide. Aside from that, to feed the 3.5 billion people who consider rice a staple in their diet, 400 million smallholder farmers across the world work towards meeting the massive demand for this commodity. Yet these same farmers are stuck in a viscous cycle of poverty and can hardly make enough money to feed themselves.


How we are helping.

This is where Paddi comes in.

A rice dryer in Myanmar built by Rice Inc in 2018, Paddi's parent company 

Traditional rice drying methods cause damage to the rice grains, causing 15% of all harvested rice to be discarded. By reinvesting a portion of profits into rice drying technology, Paddi helps farmers properly dry and store their harvested rice, allowing 100% of harvested rice to enter the global food system. These rice dryers contribute to reducing food waste in the food supply chain, fight climate change, and empower smallholder farmers out of poverty. To learn more, watch this short video!


Som Saa's sustainable side

Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie, co-owners of Som Saa

Farmers who used our rice dryers showing their appreciation for Som Saa, who helped fund the dryer.
Text on board: "This dryer was made possible by Som Saa. Thank you for choosing Paddi"

Paddi connects individuals from all walks of life to tell a compelling story of kindness.

One of our earliest supporters who shared our vision for a sustainable and ethical rice supply chain was Som Saa's co-owners Mark and Andy. An award-winning Thai restaurant situated along the bustling streets of Spitalfields, Som Saa is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in London.

We presented them with high quality rice that is kind to the people and planet, they said yes, and the rest is history! Now, Som Saa customers who enjoy a bowl of Paddi rice with their Salted Beef Cheek Curry are funding the rice dryers that are used by people like Ms. Daw.

Ms. Daw, our second customer who used the biomass dryers

    Ms. Daw is a single mom and a farmer in Myanmar.

    In late 2018, her harvest was ruined as it was soaked and too wet to sell. However, because we had installed a dryer in her village, she was able to sell her rice. For someone like herself who only depends on 2 harvests per year for her annual income, the rice dryers saved 6 months worth of income, helping her to put food on her table and to afford school fees for her daughter. 

    All this is made possible just because Mark and Andy chose Paddi and helped us build these dryers. If you're running a restaurant that sells rice, you can be a part of stories like this too. Just fill in the details below and our team will be in touch to send your business a free sample of our premium, sustainable rice. Alternately, you can email us at or just drop us a WhatsApp message (+442080581434) and we'll sort out the rest!


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