Paddi Goes Michelin!

Paddi Goes Michelin!

Paddi's latest client is a Michelin Starred Chinese restaurant located in the heart of London. Kai Mayfair is owned by Bernard Yeoh, who is a ex-Olympian Sport Shooter representing his home country of Malaysia! One of Tatler Malaysia's Tastemakers of 2021, Bernard is truly making waves in the Chinese cuisine scene in Britian.

Did you know Kai Mayfair is Adele's (yes, THAT Adele) favourite restaurant?

She expressed her love for the establishment in her 73 Questions Interview with Vogue.


Now, as the latest addition to Paddi's network of sustainable restaurants, we know Kai Mayfair is serious about sustainability. Bernard believes in a better future for smallholder farmers, and by serving Paddi rice in his restaurant he is directly contributing to reducing food waste, fighting climate change, and empowering smallholder farmers out of poverty. 

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