Empowering farmers with better equipment
Did you know?
Up to 30% of rice is wasted before it gets to your plate.
This happens because farmers can’t afford proper farming equipment and waste a lot of rice throughout the supply chain.
Paddi rice helps farmers fix the supply chain one step at the time.
Every bowl of paddi rice ploughs back profits to help farmers get sustainable agriculture equipment and technologies that combats waste.
50% loss
For generations, farmers in Myanmar have used traditionalsun-drying to dry their wet rice after harvest. Although commercial dryers areavailable in Myanmar, it would take them up to 30 years of income to buy one. Sun-drying is inefficient and it’s responsible for up to 40% of waste occurringin the supply chain.

When drying rice under the sun on roads or pavements, farmers face a laborious process: They have to constantly flip the rice every couple of hours, keep it away from rain, insects, pests and animals for a total of 6 days.

Furthermore, sun-drying causes uneven drying (where the top is too dry and bottom is too wet) this will cause the rice to shatter during the storage, transportation or milling stage resulting in more losses.
16% loss
Coming soon - one step at a time!
16% loss
Coming soon - one step at a time!
16% loss
Coming soon - one step at a time!
How paddi helps
Working with local manufacturers, we help install biomass-powered rice dryers for rice farmers to use. These dryers are able to reduce waste to 0%, dry 24 times faster and produce a better quality crop for sale compared to sun drying.

It’s also more environmentally-friendly and uses rice husk (a wasted by-product when milling rice) for heat!

After harvest, farmers bring their wet rice to our dryers, dry it for a fixed fee and then are able to take it to sell for a better price.

For the past 3 years, we’ve been working with communities in Letpadan, Myanmar to install our biomass dryers in the region.
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